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Infinite Wellness & Massage

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Original Ear Candling

(with face & scalp massage)

20 min - $65 (kids | young adults up to 17yo), 

40 min - $115

~ Is Now the time to take care of yourself?

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Original Ear Candling

(with face & scalp massage)

Original BIOSUN Ear Candles for adults and children- may be beneficial in the temporary relief of the symptoms of:

- Sinus problems

- Ear aches

- Glue ear

- Swimmers ear

- Some chronic headaches

- Hearing difficulties

- Headache

- Irritations in the ear

- Sore throat

- Allergies 

Will aid removal of excessive ear wax.

May also help to relieve pressure before & after flying, deep sea diving or

whenever an imbalance of pressure has occurred. i.e. caused by altitude, the consequences of cold, 

headphones, telephones etc.

May also help to relax & calm relieving symptoms of stress & anxiety.  

Original BIOSUN Ear candles are Number 1 in reliability & quality. Regularly tested by independent institutes. Made with natural ingredients - under strict controls.  

Contraindications for use:

Perforated eardrum in the last 2 years;

Acute ear infections & Allergic reactions to bee products or herbs; Implanted grommets. 

(From BIOSUN brochure, Germany)  

ABN 90 682 392 694